'Nice Cream': The Healthier Ice Cream Trend Your Family Will Love

We all know that feeling when the cravings crawl out of the cave and prey on our sugary weaknesses. The thing with sugar is if you feed the beast, it'll keep coming back for more and more ... and then some. If only there was a way to enjoy something sweet without the calories and sugar packed in those tantalizing ice cream flavors to throw us off track.

A departure from traditional dairy ice cream, homemade 'nice creams', or ice cream that has little to no added sugar in it, typically have a low calorie count and can be made into dairy free ice cream, are the next big thing.

Frozen bananas are often the base of this ice cream, and the food processor produces the consistency you'll be looking for with period splashes of almond milk, soy milk, or your preferred nut milk. Variations such as banana nice cream all the way to chocolate avocado nice cream mean that the possibilities are endless.

Simply add a flavor of your liking into the mix and voila! You're whipping together some of the best non-dairy pints in your own kitchen. Hey, there's no shame in your game. With nice cream, you can essentially indulge and enjoy without splurging on calories to throw you off the nutritional wagon.

With fit foodies around every corner, grocery stores have started stocking a few of these nice creams, especially dairy-free ice cream varieties in the freezer aisle. Though it's hard to say who started it all, these three companies have excelled in the fit foodie world, making them the nicest of nice creams this side of the kitchen.

1. Halo Top

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This nice cream isn't dairy free, but you'll hardly notice or care when you dig into your first bite. Both creamy and sweet, Halo Top has mastered the low calorie and low sugar goodness that nice cream is all about. Why stop at vanilla ice cream when you can have any one of their inventive flavors, like peanut butter cup?

By using organic stevia in place of sugar, Halo Top allows that sweetness your body sometimes craves without the added guilt that sometimes comes with soft serve ice cream. If you've never seen this nice cream at your local grocery store, head over to the location finder on their site to see where you can grab some goodness closest to you.

2. NadaMoo!

Though this isn't as low calorie as the other two nice creams, it is completely dairy free, making it a perfect treat for the vegans and lactose intolerant ice cream lovers of the word. NadaMoo! uses coconut milk as its base, replacing the normal bad-for-you fats in regular ice cream with the good-for-you saturated fats found in coconut milk.

This nice cream is bridging the gap between sweet and savory, while allowing you to indulge in all of your wildest nice cream dreams. What are you waiting for? Get a vegan ice cream pint of mint chocolate chip, known as Lotta Mint Chip, for yourself today and sweep away those mid-week blues.

3. Arctic Zero

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Not only is this nice cream extremely low in calories, it's also packed with protein and fiber, while remaining lactose free. You can either get chunky or creamy variations of flavors.

Being that the consistency of this nice cream is more slushy than creamy, many veer towards the chunky flavors to get extra sweet treats with their nice cream, like the chocolate chips. This is the perfect sweet treat for any and every fit foodie out there. Check out their website for introductions to new and upcoming flavors!

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