Want to Travel the World and Share Some Whisky? Grant's is Looking for You

If you like whisky and are looking for a job, Grant's Whisky could change your life. The global liquor brand is hiring a Brand Ambassador and it could be the coolest job in the world. Basically, the brand ambassador will be the main consumer-facing figurehead and spokesperson for the Grant's brand globally.

According to Grant's, you will "bring the core brand values to life with the off- and on-trade, encouraging trial and retrial." Trial and retrial basically means drink some whisky, then drink it again. Some other  job requirements? The perfect candidate has to be willing to travel to nine countries with a satchel full of whiskey and share it with everyone you meet. Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

The goal of the campaign is to recreate  founder Charles Grant's 1909 journey to make Grant's Whisky a global brand. So how do you land the job? By going through a few interview stages.

Step One

Here's how Grant's explains stage one:

"We'd like you to suggest a drink for all the friends you've not yet met. The only catch, it must include three ingredients that reveal something about your personality? Why three? Maybe it's the three sides of our triangular bottle, or the three different woods our whisky is aged in, but threes have long been important to us."

Sure you can send in your response via online application. But what fun would that be? Instead, take it to Instagram with #GrantsInterview.

Step Two

Next, the brand will select 20 people that best represent the Grant's brand's motto: Stand Together. Those lucky few will be flown to a special event in Scotland in September.

There, they will participate in a set number of challenges, competing for the chance to become one of the three ambassador finalists.

Step Three

Finally,the three finalists will be given a real taste of what it's like to be Grant's Global Brand Ambassador. Each person will visit three cities around the world in a ten-day span. That's where the suitcase full of whisky comes in.

They'll work with  local teams and influencers to organize events, meet new friends and celebrate collective achievement along the way. Each journey will be documented by a personal filmmaker, with the candidate whose journey best represents the spirit of the brand awarded the job!

Think you're ready to travel the world bringing gifts of whisky to all you meet? The deadline to apply is August 30.

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