Santa's House Is Everything You Imagined, Especially the Kitchen

When we think of Santa, we think of a portly, bearded man with snow-white hair. He has a team of elves that help him assemble his toys and a team of reindeer that help him get around. His hometown, the North Pole, is cold and snowy, and, according to Zillow, he has a home worth over $650,000.

Ho-ho-how do you think Santa Claus can afford that?


Zillow's listing of Santa Claus's not-so-modest home is the stuff of sugarplum fairy dreams. Firstly, it's a log cabin. Nothing says winter wonderland like a cozy log cabin with plenty of red and green furnishings. Santa's cabin has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a phenomenal kitchen.

"The gourmet kitchen is a baker's dream, boasting an oven with 12 different cookie settings. Cookies are served directly from oven to table in the adjoining dining room," says the listing.

Santa's Kitchen

We love cookies (truly, we do), but we're impressed by what else Santa's cookie-making shack has going on too.

The other amenities, listed on the Zillow page, include "a state-of-the-art toy-making facility with workstations for 50 diminutive craftsmen," "a garage, with space for Santa's all-weather sleigh," and "stables that board eight live-in reindeer, plus a bonus stall for red-nosed company."


From the warm-looking fireplace and the perfectly decorated tree to the extra spot for Rudolph, we give Santa's log cabin our tinsel-lined seal of approval.

Hopefully we make the nice list this year so that we can ask Santa for, well, his entire home. Think he'll be Airbnb-ing it out on the 25th?

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