San Francisco Just Banned Chocolate Milk in All Local Schools

For as long as I--or even my parents--can remember, those little paper cartons of chocolate milk have been a staple of school lunches, and often the best part of the sometimes-cardboard lunches we were served in the cafeterias. Now, the city of San Francisco has completely banned chocolate milk from its public school lunches, in an effort to put a damper on kids' calorie intake, the SF Chronicle reports.

When elementary and middle school students return to school this fall after summer vacation--a few shorts weeks away--chocolate milk will be off the menu. Sweet-toothed high school students will have one last semester to savor the stuff before the ban expands to secondary schools in the spring.

According to Student Nutrition Services Executive Director Libby Albert, "The kids grumbled about it for a couple of days," then went ahead and switched over to white milk without further fuss.

Cutting chocolate milk from the menu cuts about 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar, about 40 percent of a kid's recommended daily allowance, from a student's daily intake.

In some ways, it's a shame these SF students' school days got a little less sweet; then again, pushing 30 with an ever-expanding waistline, part of me thinks they might be right.

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