San Francisco Brewing Co. and Its New Ghirardelli Square Beer Garden

San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square is a fairly typical open-air shopping experience. Beyond the original Ghirardelli chocolate operation, there are restaurants and a variety of specialty shops. Something is missing though and, if you're a beer drinker, you probably (correctly) identified Ghirardelli Square's distinct lack of craft brew. Guess what? San Francisco Brewing Co. is making our dreams come true.

A beer garden, courtesy of San Francisco Brewing Co., will be popping up in Ghirardelli Square on June 23. We're stoked, but this isn't the first time the Square has seen craft beer.

Last year, Hint Water and Lagunitas teamed together to put a 13-week beer event in Ghirardelli Square. That popup beer event was in the West Plaza, and this is exactly where the upcoming beer garden concept will be, too.

SF Gate reports that San Francisco Brewing Co. will have five beers available. There will also be wine from Bluxome Street Winery, some local ciders, and food. The food is coming courtesy of Waxman's and The Pub, and you're welcome to bring it to the beer garden.

In the garden, though, you'll have access to normal noshes like chips and nuts. Beyond the beer and grub, expect live music, ping pong, corn hole, and a larger-than-life-sized connect four setup. If you can only pop in for a second, be sure to grab a 32-ounce beer for the road.


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