Saltwater Brewery Is First to Use Eco-Friendly Edible Six Pack Rings

Despite attempts at recycling six pack rings, some still wind up in the ocean. It's sad, but inevitable. While cutting the plastic may help keep seagulls from getting tangled, birds and marine animals alike still wind up eating the plastic. So what can be done?

Saltwater Brewery has the solution to the problem. Backed by eco-friendly beer drinkers, this brewery took the next step in environmentalism. By creating 100 percent biodegradable edible beer rings, Saltwater beer consumers can rest assured that their favorite marine animals will remain plastic free.

Thank you Saltwater for givings us yet another reason to imbibe craft beer. A monumental leap in the brewing world, the concept of an edible six pack ring could change the way breweries package beer.

For an industry that prides itself on bringing people together , this is once concept that we can all get behind. So crack open a Saltwater can and drink to a good cause!

Are you an environmentally conscience beer drinker?

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