Texas Family Restaurant Makes Over 1,000 Meals for Hurricane Victims, Volunteers

Hurricane Harvey has brought out the heroes and heroines among us in the past weeks,and will continue to do so until Houston is well on its way to long-term recovery. However, not all of these heroes have found the recognition for their compassionate efforts. Of course, no one is reaching out to help the Harvey victims and response teams for the fame and glory that comes with media recognition, but we wanted to take a second to point to Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge in Port Arthur, Texas.

After a post from Keith Nguyen went viral about his family's efforts in Harvey, it immediately brought a tear to our eyes reading about their nonstop efforts.

‪My dad and uncle Binh own a restaurant in Southeast Texas and they were also effected by Harvey but the media doesn't...

Posted by Keith Nguyen on Thursday, August 31, 2017

It didn't matter to Nguyen's father or uncle that their restaurant and lives were also affected by Hurricane Harvey. Instead they knew that there were people out there in desperate need of so many things: food, shelter, warmth, and so they went to work.

On August 31, the restaurant created over 1,000 meals for victims, volunteers, and first responders. While they work hard every single day, on this day, they went above and beyond, working long hours to churn out the necessary nourishment for those who no longer had homes to go home to.

Stories like this are popping up all over Texas in the wake of Harvey, and we are just so proud of the efforts of hometown heroes and heroines who have stepped up in the wake of such destruction.

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