Sabra Issues Voluntary Recall of Hummus Products Over Listeria Contamination

On Nov. 19, Sabra Dipping Company issued a voluntary recall for a list of hummus products due to concerns of a listeria contamination. The manufacturing facility tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes, per the FDA press release, and can cause fatal infections in those with weakened immune systems.

The products affected were made before Nov. 8 and have a "best before" date leading to and including January 23, 2017. The lid of each item is where you'll find these dates and information. The items most affected are the Sabra Hummus types and the Sabra Spreads - the Sabra Guacamole, Salsa, and Greek Yogurt Dips are in the clear.

Sabra issued a press release via Twitter following the FDA's press release regarding specific products. You can find the full list of products with SKUs and UPC codes here.

Be sure to check your refrigerator!

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