How To Cook in a Motorhome + 5 RV Cooking Recipes

Skip the airport (and all the stress that comes with it) and explore America in an RV. Whether you like to go RV camping for the weekend or live in your RV full-time, every RVer is bound to get hungry. While the RV kitchen is tiny, there's a ton of RV cooking that you can tackle while in the small space. Thankfully there are many RV meals that utilize the storage space and make RVing delicious.

It all starts with planning. Since constantly running to the grocery store is annoying (especially when on vacation), plan your RV travel meals a few days in advance. Take into account how much space you have to store food in the RV, how many people you plan on serving, and what equipment you will need to prepare the recipe. Does the recipe require multiple pots and pans? Skip it for something simpler. One-pot meals are great road trip recipes and only require, well, one pot. This cuts down on the cookware you need to bring with you as well.

One-Pot is All You Need

When it comes to cooking in your camper, one-pot meals are king. This includes using appliances like a crockpot or instant pot to help make life a little easier. For the slow cooker make sure you have a constant source of electricity for 4-8 hours, depending on what you are cooking. Not only do these meals practically cook themselves, but they also free up space on your stovetop and make clean up super easy.

If you are having a hard time brainstorming meal planning ideas, grabbing an RV living cookbook is a cheap and easy solution. We love this particular cookbook.

On The Road Again! RV Cooking Made Easy

Skip the Kitchen and Head Outside

Why not put that campfire to work? Grab your cast iron skillet and cook tasty meals over an open flame or a propane burner. What's better than grilling hot dogs at your campsite?

5 RV Cooking Recipes to Try

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers


25 minutes from start to finish, this easy baked dinner only requires one pan.

Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs

Throw the ribs in the slow cooker and dinner is cooking itself.

Get the recipe here.

Instant Pot Country Style Ribs

Pressure Cook Recipes

Get dinner on the picnic table in under an hour.

Get the recipe here.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Camping Breakfast Burritos

It's not camping without eating breakfast around the campfire.

Get the recipe here.

Campfire Nachos

Use a disposable aluminum baking dish to make clean-up a breeze.

Get the recipe here.

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