Rosé is the Official Ice Cream Flavor of Summer

First there was the rosé forty. Then there were rosé popsicles. Now in a growing trend of all things rosé, the summer beverage of choice is mixing with the iconic food of the season to make rosé ice cream the official flavor of summer. That's right, you can have your booze and eat it too because rosé ice cream is hitting the market.

Here to provide us with the best summer yet, Smitten Ice Cream partnered up with pastry chef Emily Luchetti to bring the world Sonoma Rosé ice cream. The newest flavor is achieved by infusing the canned wine Una Lou Rosé into Smitten's signature ice cream base.

The result is a boozy, sweet ice cream that tastes like the real deal. Unlike other booze flavored ice creams - ahem rum raisin - this creamy, fruit-forward flavor tastes like, well, rosé. For all you rosé lovers, you'll want to take advantage of this delicious treat while supplies last.

For those of you who want more, this isn't the only boozy ice cream Smitten churns. There's the Sam's Whiskey Chip and Mojito when it's in season.

And no need to feel guilty about indulging. Smitten's churned-to-order ice cream uses only organic milk and cream, as well as locally sourced ingredients from west coast farms. Now that's a reason to scream for the new rosé cream.

If you're dying to get your hands on a cone of this summertime flavor, visit any Smitten California scoop shop. The flavor will also be on the dessert menu at the new San Francisco restaurant Petit Marlowe and the Los Angeles open-air market Smorgasburg. If you're not anywhere near California, you can order make your own rosé flavored homemade ice cream.

Either way it's time for vanilla and pistachio ice cream to move over because there's a new flavor in town, and it's just in time for the season.

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