Rosé Forties Are a Spectacular, Easy Way to Live Your Best Life

This summer, forties are fancy. The hottest new Instagram opportunity on the block comes in the form of the new favorite drink of everyone from soccer moms to college students. No, we're not talking about the ridiculous $15 40oz. Colt 45 in Los Angeles, we're talking about wine. From Forty Ounce Wines comes a rosé packaged in 40-ounce bottles, just in time for wine weather because could be better than a case of rosé forties?

Forty Ounce Wines, from French Loire Valley winemaker Julien Braud, has introduced its 40-ounce bottles in two varieties. The rosé is a classic summer wine, and the muscadet -- a light, fresh, crisp white wine, farmed in the village of Monnières in Muscadet's Sèvre et Maine appellation -- is the white wine version of the classic 40-ounce.

Welcome to the official start of rosé season, y'all.

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Look how pretty that is! Doesn't it make you want to head to the nearest liquor store right now to get one for yourself? Creator Patrick Cappiello is a genius for turning our favorite drinkable delights into a capped design that was once only reserved for malt liquor and the cheapest beer ever.

The best part? They only run about $16 apiece, and for almost twice as much wine as a traditional 750ml bottle, that's a steal, especially for the highly coveted pink wine that's as much as a staple of warmer weather as it is a symbol of summer glory.

Classy summer wines just combined forces with your collegiate dreams in an actual spectacular tasting way. So where can you find these beauties? Well, not many places at all, much to our dismay here in Texas.

The bottles are only available in markets in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado and California. Maybe if we flood social media with enough requests from the Lone Star State, the big guys in their distribution will consider sending a big bottle to Austin?

If you don't live in one of the five states, however, things could be grim if you're looking for 40 ounces to freedom. A poor growing season meant Braud's company could only produce 1,200 cases. In other words, they won't last long at all.

The Instagram opportunities are endless, so be sure to snag one of these fruity blends before they're all gone by this upcoming summer season! You'll be craving one just in time for a warm afternoon on a patio. And anyways, frosé is so last year.

Do you favor champagne over rosé? If so, have we got the perfect thing for you.

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