Romantic Dinner Ideas for Two: A Menu to Treat the One You Love

The best way to show that special someone in your life just how much they mean to you is by cooking them a feast of romantic delicacies and hand crafted beverages. Woo that special someone in your life with this romantic menu for two and watch them smile in appreciation as the flavors of love burst in their mouth.

Mix and match these romantic recipes to create the perfect menu for you and the love of your life, and show that special someone just how much joy they bring to your life. Romantic dinner ideas and romantic dinner recipes aren't hard, you'll see!

Non-Alcoholic Refreshers

Raspberry Lemonade

Once Upon a Chef

This zesty recipe combines freshly squeezed lemon juice, raspberries, and mint to prevent your bae from getting too parched while enjoying the feast you have prepared.

In only about 15 minutes, you can have a pitcher of this delicious elixir ready to go and watch as your love smiles at the bursts of flavors in this raspberry lemonade.

Iced Green Tea with Mint and Ginger

The Kitchn

Green tea and ginger are known for their medicinal properties and their ability to ease the tummy, so what better beverage is there to start of a decadent romantic dinner for two?

Combining fresh ginger, green tea bags, refreshing mint, and sweet honey, this easy recipe is the best way to show that special someone just how much you love them.


Blood Orange-Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

My Baking Addiction

We usually pop some bubbly whenever there is a celebration at hand, so why not spice up your champagne with this recipe of blood orange juice, pomegranate liquor, and Pomegranate Arils?

It's the addition of the flavors of pomegranate and blood orange that will have the love of your life singing with glee after just a couple of sips. This recipe is the perfect way to toast the love you share with your significant other.

Godiva Chocolate Martini


Chocolate is well known as an aphrodisiac, so get your love in the mood for some good food and good company with this creamy cocktail.

Starting with Godiva chocolate liquor, Crème de Cacao, and the vanilla vodka of your choice, this cocktail recipe is then finished with half-and-half and rimed with chocolate syrup, for a sure-fire way to heat up your romantic dinner.


Grilled Caesar Salad

The Two Bananas

This spin on the classic Caeser salad will have your love's heart fluttering with the rich flavors of char-grilled romaine, freshly toasted croutons, creamy anchovy-infused dressing, and plump cherry tomatoes.

This recipe is a great way to start a romantic night in and show that special someone just how much they mean to you. You don't have to fire up the grill; you can roast this salad in the oven or on the stove top with a grill pan.

Olive and Arugula Flatbread Pizza Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

When anyone thinks of food that they love, the verdict is usually a hot pizza fresh out of the oven. Starting a romantic meal with a classier version of the usual takeout fare is a great way to show some love.

This recipe combines the flavors of freshly squeezed lemon juice, peppery arugula, and decadent olives to start any romantic dinner off deliciously.

Main Course

Surf and Turf for Two

Iowa Girl Eats

Easily one of the best way to show off your culinary skills and declare your love for that special someone in your life, surf and turf combines the best of both land and sea to make your romantic dinner the best it can be.

Perfectly cooked filet mignon, plump sea scallops, and velvety mashed potatoes smothered in a delicious cabernet sauvignon pan sauce combine to show your love just how special they are to you.

Easy Baked Chicken and Potato Dinner for Two

Betty Crocker

This easy recipe takes only 20 minutes of prep time and cooks both the main dish and side dish in the oven, so that you can focus on creating a romantic ambiance in the dining room with candle lit red roses and the perfect pairing of crisp white wine.

Dijon mustard-laced chicken coated in a crispy dredge of biscuit mix, then paired with potatoes and bell peppers, and topped with decadent Parmesan cheese, this chicken course is a fool-proof way to tell bae you love them.

Delish Desserts

No-Bake Dulce de Leche Pie with Beyond Frosting

Foodie Crush

This simple recipe looks like you slaved all day in your kitchen when you really didn't.

With flavor notes of sweet burnt caramel, creamy whipped cream, pecans infused with honey, vanilla, and rich bourbon, and a chocolate cookie crust to die for, this recipe is the perfect way to end a romantic dinner for two on the sweetest note possible.

And, don't worry, we won't tell your special someone that you didn't even have to turn on the oven.

Dark Chocolate Fondue for Two


Dark chocolate fondue is one of the best ways to end a romantic dinner for two, because it's easy to make and you get to feed the love of your life sweet treats dipped in velvety chocolate.

This recipe combines good quality dark chocolate with whipping cream and the dippable treats of your choice. I suggest salty pretzels and strawberries to get this dessert party started.

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