Forty Ounce Wines Introduces Red Wine Forties for Autumn

Just when you thought summer fun was over, the Forty Ounce Rosé has given birth to the Forty Ounce Red. Sommelier Patrick Cappiello, creator of Forty Ounce Wines, created a new variety of the big gulp of wine and we couldn't be happier. "We never meant for this to become a rosé brand," he said. So it was only natural for the brand to create something to carry us into fall.

"I drink more red wine than anything else," says Cappiello. "With the Forty Ounce, we're trying to make wine more approachable." To do that, he and his team decided to use Gamay grapes. Gamay is a purple-colored grape variety popular in Beaujolais and in the Loire Valley in France. Forty Ounce Red also sources from the Loire Valley.

Joe Schaden

The appeal of this wine is that it's easy to drink and fresh. Cappiello describes it as one you can drink 40 ounces of and not need a nap after. The grape is also a favorite of his partner, French winemaker Julien Braud. Braud was born in St. Ides and he grew up in the Loire. He is farming organically and uses natural yeasts, he ages using glass lined cement and is completely committed to the trials of Muscadet.

Cappiello was named "Sommelier of the Year 2014" by Food & Wine Magazine, "Wine Person of the Year 2014" by Imbibe Magazine, and "Sommelier of the Year 2015" by Eater National.

So this wine, despite its low brow presentation (the bottles are inspired by Old English beer bottles), is actually a great-tasting red worthy of a place at your holiday table.

There are only 4,800 cases of this wine available, so if you are planning to bring this one to Thanksgiving dinner, act fast. For a complete list of retail outlets carrying Forty Ounce Wines, click here.

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