6 Scrumptious Red Delicious Apple Recipes

As soon as apples come into season in the fall, it's time for caramel apples, apple pie and every other apple dessert you can think of! Although apple pie is the classic American dessert to enjoy in this season, there are a countless number of recipes to take advantage of this juicy, sweet fruit. Plus, it's full of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Red Delicious apples are many apple-lovers' favorite kind, as their sweet but mild taste and bright red skin make for a tasty sweet treat. Here are 6 Red Delicious apple recipes to use up those fresh-picked apples!

1. Shredded Apple Pie

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Apple pie is a go-to recipe when making apple dessert, but this pie recipe has its own creative twist. Although you typically use apple slices or chunks in your apple pie, this dessert recipe takes it to another level by shredding the apple pie filling! The shredded apples, butter, and teaspoon ground cinnamon combine into a delicious melt-in-your-mouth dessert. Using a frozen pie crust makes the process easy. However, this one needs to bake for about 70 minutes, so be prepared for a long total time when cooking. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce for the perfect caramel-apple dessert.

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2. Apple Crumble

red delicious apple recipes
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Apple Crisp/Crumble is another classic apple recipe, iconic in the fall and winter. This delectable recipe is made with tender apples and a crispy, buttery oatmeal crumble, with a hint of cinnamon brown sugar flavor. While you can use other apple varieties like Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji or Granny Smith apples instead, Red Delicious has the mildly sweet flavor perfect for an apple crumble.

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3. Baked Apples

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?Baked Apples are an easy recipe to use the fresh apples from the apple orchard or grocery store. Start with crisp fresh apples, then fill them with a mixture of walnuts, cinnamon and sugar. Bake the apples until tender and delicious, and serve with a scoop of ice cream. Use pecans instead of walnuts if you want!

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4. Cinnamon Apple Cake

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Cinnamon Apple Cake is another yummy apple dessert, packed with fresh sweet apples and a sugary cinnamon topping. The drizzle of sweet milk frosting adds an extra tasty touch. This Cinnamon Apple cake is one of the best apple desserts because of its light texture and combination of delicious flavors!

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5. Red Delicious Applesauce

While we all love a good apple dessert, red delicious apple can be used in many other ways. Store-bought applesauce can't compare to the homemade alternative, which is fresh and full of sweet apple flavor. Made with red delicious apples, 2/3 cup sugar, lemon juice and ground cinnamon, this applesauce is ideal as an alternative to cranberry relish.

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6. Apple Cider

red delicious apple recipes
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Another recipe to use your apples is apple cider, which is full of apples, spices, water and sweetener. Make it in a crock pot or instant pot for an even easier recipe, and enjoy on a chilly fall day. You can even use this to make fall-themed cocktails, like spiked apple cider or abourbon apple cider cocktail.

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