5 of Your Favorite Childhood Snacks Get an Adult Makeover

There's nothing like the good ol' days that make you feel warm and tingly inside. From hot chocolate and homemade sugar cookies -- with extra sugar for extra love -- at Grandma's house, to having a Flinstones' push-up popsicle after a soccer game; there's nothing quite like that little taste of your youth. The only problem with that is the high fat, carbohydrate and sugar count that your adult-self (tries to) knows better than to surrender for.

What's a popsicle-cravin', good 'ole days missin' adult gonna do in times like these? Recreate those childhood snacks of dreamlike proportions into treats that are better for you, and better tasting!

Better yet, some of these grown-up snack makeovers are done for you. Meaning, all you have to do is know what you're looking for, and snag it at the store. If you can feel your heart going to it's happy place, read on!

1. Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

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Whether you were slingin' cups for 25 cents on the corner or enjoying a pitcher full of your mom's signature freshly-squeezed lemonade, there's no denying that this stuff was what we lived for as kids.

How could this get any better, or healthier, as an adult? Take away the gallon of sugar, replace it with a packet of Crystal Light, and add vodka. Yes, vodka! You're an adult now, remember? Plus, this is a great low-cal, low-carb rendition to some of the heavier cocktails that will be around this holiday season.

Take it from Miranda Lambert: Crystal Light + Vodka equals the place where dreams actually come true. Get the recipe for Miranda Lambert-inspired 'Randarita' here.

2. Fruit Roll Ups

Stretch Island Fruit Co..
Stretch Island Fruit Co..

If fruit by the foot didn't rock your entire world growing up, you missed out! Not only were they delicious, it's impossible to forget the races everyone had at lunch with about five or 10 of these artificially-made wonders.

Nowadays, you don't have to race your best friend for fruit roll-up rights for the week, and you don't have to settle for Fruit By The Foot when an itch for one comes up. Luckily for you, fruit strips are all the rage and can be bought at most, if not all, grocers.

3. Homemade Cookies

Very Best Baking
Very Best Baking

We know, how could anything ever top those cookies your grandma blessed your days with? We aren't saying these will replace them all-together, but they do offer a health-conscious alternative to the decadence of childhood's past.

These cookies from Very Best Baking use zucchini to take away some of the oil, flour and sugar that bog down most cookie recipes.

4. Popsicles

Pop Sugar.
Pop Sugar.

What was more refreshing than a Flinstones' Push Pop on a hot summer's day? Forget summer -- those bad boys were great any day of the week. However, not only do they cease to exist, popsicles aren't exactly health-friendly. Overloads of fruit and added sugar in syrups and what have you  are unnecessary, especially when you can make your own!

These popsicles by POPSUGAR are made with fresh fruit, soy milk, coconut water and protein powder. Not only are you giving your tastebuds a trip to Cloud 9, you're doing it in a way that's actually good for you. That's a sugar rush we can get behind!

Get the recipe here.

5. S'ghetti and Meatballs

All Day I Dream About Food
All Day I Dream About Food

I don't know about you, but my Sundays were those filled with pasta, and I mean all of the pasta. As a kid, you have no idea what's good and what's bad for you, let alone what a carbohydrate is. It's a shame we have to grow up and realize these things called carbs aren't necessarily doing us any favors, because if not, this recreation probably wouldn't even exist.

If you've never made spaghetti squash, I heavily encourage you to try it! It's not nearly as scary as it may seem to deal with and cook, plus it's a saving grace when all you want is a heaping plate of noodles with meatballs as big as your head covered in marinara sauce.

This recipe takes all the hassle out of cooking by utilizing a slow cooker, therefore making it even easier to cook the squash!

Get the recipe here.

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