Pumpkin Spice Jell-O Pudding Returns to Store Shelves for Fall

PSL fans, get ready because pumpkin spice pudding is officially in the mix. This limited edition, pumpkin-flavored treat is out there, just waiting for you to pick up a box or three. The Impulsive Buy reports that pumpkin spice Jell-O is back, but they'd really like to try it as Jell-O's gelatin mix. Ooh, wouldn't that be fun to turn pumpkin moonshine into a Jell-O shot? We'll just have to sit and wait for Kraft Foods to hear our pleas!

This isn't the first pumpkin flavor that Jell-O has played around with, so it's possible they could expand to other products in the future. In 2014, pudding cups filled with pumpkin flavored cheesecake were spotted on shelves in Walmart (allowing everyone who leaves the crust and eats the filling only to rejoice).


It all kind of makes sense. Of all the pumpkin spiced flavors, pudding actually sounds like a pretty good fit. I mean, why not? If you can drink pumpkin beer and snack on pumpkin hummus, why not pudding? It's creamy (just like pumpkin pie). It's smooth (dare I say like pie?). In fact, Kraft's website features a recipe that uses the pudding to make...(drum roll) pumpkin pie!

I'll be the first to admit that I don't find pudding super thrilling. My mind usually gets stuck with the snack packs I used to pack in school lunches. Once you think outside the box, though, pudding is much more exciting than that.

Kraft Recipes

Just think of all the ways you can transform this humble box into exciting desserts. From maple bars to muffins, the possibilities are endless. And when you throw the pumpkin spice into the mix, now we're talking about making your favorite pudding recipes into platter filled with fall delight.

While this special edition is only available a select Walmart stores, we can thank Amazon for selling just about everything. Pick up a box or three and have some fun this holiday season!

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