PSA: Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are Back on Shelves

Fall has not yet officially arrived, but as the evenings begin to get cooler, pumpkin spice season is already in full swing. While the trend has in some ways gotten a little out of hand (pumpkin spice toothpaste does exist), there are a few wonderful pumpkin spice novelties that we wait for every year. Among these are pumpkin spice Oreos.

Every year around this time, this seasonal Oreo makes an appearance much to the delight of Americans from sea to shining sea. Featuring a vanilla cookie that sandwiches pumpkin-flavored icing, this cookie made its debut in 2014 when the PSL rage had hit new heights. Unlike many products of that period that have gone by the wayside, pumpkin spice Oreos are making their return for the fourth consecutive year.

Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Oreo! Exclusive to Target #thejunkfoodaisle

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The first spotting of this seasonal treat was on the Instagram account The Junk Food Aisle. In less than a day, thousands of people had liked and commented on the photo wishing with all their might that a package of these fall favorites would be on the shelves of their local Target.

A Target representative confirmed to Cosmopolitan that the cookies will be available exclusively at Target for $3 while supplies last.

How long these cookies will last on the shelves is anyone's guess. Therefore, if you're crazy about everything pumpkin spice, it is highly recommended that you stop whatever you are doing and immediately make a quick trip to Target to stock up.

After all, you only get one chance until you have to wait another year for these Oreos to show back up on shelves.

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