Take Me to the Ballgame: Make Hot Dogs at Home with This Pop-Up Toaster

Maybe you didn't realize you needed a pop-up hot dog toaster, but you definitely will want one after you see this little beauty. The Nostalgia Retro Series Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster will become one of your favorite novelty kitchen items because while it doesn't seem so practical, it actually is incredibly practical.

It toasts two buns at a time and cooks two regular size or extra thick hot dogs at the same time. Depending on how crispy you like your hot dogs and buns, there is an adjustable cooking timer and a stop cooking button.


The toaster, available for $19.79, comes with mini tongs for removing the dogs and buns, lest you burn your fingers trying to get to the deliciousness.

The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning, and it also includes a removable hot dog tray as well.

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It's less than a foot wide, and stores easily away when not in use. Speaking of use, let's list how useful this pop-up hot dog toaster really is.

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1. Have you seen how fun this little guy is? It even gives your hot dogs grill marks, and it doesn't get rubbery like a microwaved hot dog.

2. Have you ever thrown a barbecue where hot dogs weren't on the menu, but a few guests brought them anyways? Use the toaster to heat 'em up in a snap!

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3. Do you know some seriously picky children who just love hot dogs in almost everything? Pop the dogs in, toast, slice, and boom! Hot dogs in macaroni and cheese, hot dogs in spaghetti, hot dogs in broccoli (hey, I don't judge you).

4. Ever come home a little tipsy and starving from a night out, but you don't feel like (or aren't capable of) handling a flame? Pop two hot dogs in the toaster!

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5. Are you a parent with kids in all sorts of extracurriculars? A hot dog toaster is an easy way to provide an on-the-go snack or dinner.

6. Do you love baseball game hot dogs? With the perfect crisp buns and grill marks, this little machine recreates your favorite stadium-worthy dogs in your own home.

The customer reviews around this novelty item are fantastic, and even though it might seem like a one-trick pony, everyone who owns one loves it!

Rethink your easy weeknight dinners, some even say they taste better than straight from the grill hot dogs!

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