Pop-Tarts Burritos?! Pop-Tarts Pop-Up Opens in NYC

Something new has popped up at Kellogg's Times Square cereal cafe, located at 1600 Broadway. As Brand Eating reports, for a (very) limited time through Feb. 26, the store has gotten a head-to-toe Pop-Tarts makeover, incorporating the rectangular breakfast pastries into a variety of "classic New York dishes and young adult favorites."

The Birthday Fiesta Nachos ($9) consists of Frosted Confetti Pop-Tarts "chips" drizzled with strawberry "salsa," frosting "cheese," fresh mint and a birthday candle.

Pop-Tarts takeover. 'Nuff said. #PopTartsCafe

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Pop-Tarts Burritos ($12) include Frosted S'mores, Frosted Chocolatey Caramel or Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts rolled in sweet crepes with complementary toppings -- run $12.

The Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza ($8) is made with Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts crust topped with strawberry "marinara," frosting "cheese," fruit leather "pepperoni" and fresh mint.

The two-for-$9 Tarty Tacos feature crumbled Frosted Cookies & Cream Pop-Tarts "ground beef," coconut "lettuce," jelly bean "tomato," strawberry-Sriracha "salsa" and frosting "sour cream" folded into cinnamon-sugar-dusted tortillas.

Chili Pop-Tarts Fries feature Frosted Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts "fries" topped with Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts "ground beef," orange frosting "cheese" and sour stick "scallions."

You can also sample a few of the ware with the Pop-Tarts Flights: the So(Ho) Berry Tasty (fruit Pop-Tarts), Choc-a-feller Center (chocolate Pop-Tarts) and Sweet State of Mind (sweet Pop-Tarts).

A flight of four is just $3.

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And, if you've already got a favorite, the Pop-Tarts Cafe has got you covered.

Grab any of the classic 18 flavors for just a buck apiece.

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