This 4-in-1 Shape-Shifting Measuring Spoon is the Future

Are measuring spoons taking up too much room in your kitchen drawer? Ditch the bulk and go Polygons. The Polygons is the innovative spoon of the future. Its sleek origami design saves space and is incredibly practical. With its 4-in-1 technology, it satisfies your measuring needs while taking up limited kitchen space.

Traditional measuring spoons can be bulky. The polygon measuring spoons solve this problem with a flat design that lets you fold to measure. Each spoon is pre-marked with four different measurements in metric sizes. When you are ready to use, fold the spoon to your specific size. This creates a measured scooping device that allows you to use the quantity of ingredients you need.

IndieGoGo: Polygons

The Polygons spoon comes in two different sizes based on your measuring needs. There's the tablespoon and the teaspoon - which include milliliter markings. Each spoon has the unique 4-in-1 design that lets you measure the appropriate amount. Unlike bulky measuring spoons on a ring, this all-in-one spoon won't have you search for that teaspoon that somehow finagled it's way lose and went missing from the set.

Not only does the Polygons allow you to scoop, but you can also spread or wipe thanks to its flat design. Liquid, viscous, or dry ingredients, Polygons have you covered. It spreads butter onto toast and allows you to wipe off honey with no waste. Can your measuring spoon do all that? We thought not.

IndieGoGo: Polygons

Beyond the amazing capabilities of this 4-in-1 flat measuring spoon, Polygons are incredibly durable. If you're worried about all that folding weakening the material, this measuring spoon is made out of TPR.

They "have the property of being able to flex a 100,000 cycles without failure. This means, even if you were to use it 25 times a day, every day, the hinges would outlast 10 years!"

You can feel good backing this IndieGoGo project because its eco-friendly. India native Polygons creator Rahul Agarwal created this product to not only be durable, but better for the environment. Using FDA food grade material that is BPA free, Polygons uses less soap, water, and energy to clean. The ability to use every last drop when measuring also ensures less food waste.

When it comes to measuring spoons, this is the only one you will need. It's award winning design is the future of the kitchen. While this crowdfunded project has been fully backed, head on over to IndieGogo and pay $1 to stay updated on when you can get your hands on this innovative spoon.

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