A Mystery Stranger Is Scattering Notes All Over This Grocery Store

Someone has been leaving bits of poetry, strange notes and kinds words of encouragement on food items at a Tesco store in Coventry, England. The grocery store, located in Cannon Park near the Warwick University campus, has become an unlikely repository for the verse, speculated to be the work of students, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

A few weeks ago, someone printed out a copy of American poet W.S. Mervin's Bread and left it at the store.

Coventry Telegraph

Prior to that, notes have been cropping up, stuck to the merchandise with masking tape.

One set, affixed to containers of Slim Fast, reads "You don't need these chemicals" and "STOP counting calories! YOU LOOK GREAT".

Coventry Telegraph

Another, tagged to Tesco's store-brand meal replacement, posits a question: "Is there not more to life than being 'slim'?"

Coventry Telegraph

Elsewhere, stuck to packages of venison, was an excerpt titled "Deer", taken from Kenneth Rexroth's The Bestiary.

Coventry Telegraph

They have really fine-tuned their note dropping. Wonder what other poems might pop up around the store?

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