Play with Your Food and Eat It Too at This LEGO-Themed Burger Joint

It's bad manners to play with your food, that is, unless you're in a restaurant themed after your favorite plastic building blocks. The Philippines based restaurant, Brick Burger, has decided to let every kid at heart relive their youth with LEGO themed burgers.

Taking the concept of playing with your food to a whole new level, the fast-food joint features colored burger buns in the shape of LEGOS. One can only guess what this means for a triple or double decker burger. It seems the stacking possibilities would be endless.

For now though, there are 10 different pure Australian beef LEGO burgers on the menu, which include everything from the basic cheeseburger to a mac & cheese burger.

And surprisingly, a slew of other menu items that have absolutely nothing to do with plastic toys.

Darth Burger #brickburger

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The best part is, however, while you're waiting for your nostalgic meal, the tables are designed for playtime. LEGO chairs, LEGO ceiling lights, and even LEGO sets so you can build your towering LEGO creation whilst you eat it too.

It seems that long gone are the days when you would get a box of 4-crayons from the hostess and a sheet of coloring paper to entertain the kids while you wait for the food.

Whether you're a LEGOS fanatic or not, you can't help but wonder what a bright red bun in the shape of a plastic toy that looks like play-dough tastes like. Let's just hope they didn't take the LEGOS theme too much to heart for the sake of flavor.

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