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$16 Automatic Plant Waterer Has Grown 2,900 Great Reviews From Foliage Fans and Gardening Gurus


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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e put a lot of time and energy into our houseplants. Leaving the plant babies to go on vacation can be a scary choice. Sometimes, it's just plain hard to remember the watering schedule. Too bad you can't just tie a watering can above your flora to make some DIY-type of rain sprinkler system. You know your succulents, flowers, and herbs require nourishment even when you're not around. A plant waterer can come in handy for your home irrigation needs.

Outdoor sprinkler and irrigation systems make it easy to maintain a lawn & garden when you're away from home on vacation. Keeping your indoor houseplants alive has always been tricky, but that's not an issue anymore, thanks to these automatic watering systems.

Here are three of the best ways to keep your plant babies blossoming, even when you're not around (or forgot to feed them)!


Best Plant Waterer Systems

Best Programmable System

1. Kollea Automatic Watering System, Indoor Plant Self Watering System Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit with 60-Day Programmable Timer, LED Display & USB Power, Indoor Drip Irrigation System for Potted Plants

The Kollea irrigation system keeps water flow coming so long as the tank is full of liquid. Stake one end of the tubes into your plant pots, run the other through the reservoir, then let the machine do the rest.

An automatic programming feature protects your flower pots from overwatering by allowing you to schedule an aqua appointment for anywhere from 1 to 60 days. The more you learn about this mini drip irrigation system, the more it grows on you.

A digital LED display keeps track of where your plants are in that watering schedule, allowing for easy adjustments in case things aren't looking right. The electronics run on a lithium battery that's charged through a USB port. All of this makes one sustainable watering system.

Best Watering Spikes

2. Plant Watering Devices 6 Pack Terracotta Vacation Plant Waterer Wine Bottle Watering Spikes Slow Release Plant Watering Stakes Perfect Waterer Self Watering Devices for Indoor Outdoor Plants

From a high-tech waterer to a simple gardening solution. Terracotta watering spikes use natural science principles to slowly self-water your plants, although without as much control as an electronic system provides.


The way these things work is actually pretty cool. Like watering globes, your h2O tank is set above the watering stakes. Any container can become your plant's water bottle. You can use a plastic bottle or a glass soda bottle, but the Remiawy store recommends a wine bottle for higher volumes.

Here's what happens: the terracotta soaks up the water and then slowly transfers it into the soil through pores in the stone. The wetter your soil is, the slower the water moves. If it sounds pretty simple, that's because it is.

Make sure to test how quickly your water supply is draining before heading out for vacation.

Best for Budget

3. Blumat Classic Plant Self-Watering Spikes| for Everyday Home or Vacation Use | Indoor or Outdoor Water Spikes for Plants | Automatic Plant Waterer (3 Pack)

Blumat's plant watering system works like a combo of the two others. The Blumat spikes are stuck directly into the soil, just like the Remiawy stakes. But, instead of pulling h2O from a top-down tank (like the other terracotta watering bulbs), these clay stakes draw water from a tube that's connected to an outside reservoir, just like the Kollea automatic system.


With 2,900 customer reviews, these trusted plant waterers are one of Amazon's best sellers. The best gardening tips come from other gardeners:

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