Grab the Tissues for Heinz's New Pixar-Style Baked Beans Ad

Some ads get it all wrong, while other are just so perfect, it's hard to turn away. While the start of autumn and the upcoming holiday season always means heartwarming ads, it seems that one adorable short has captured everyone's attention. Heinz, with their Pixar-like coming-of-age story about a boy and his love for beans, knows just how to use beans in a sweet way.

"Nobody knew where young Geoff's obsession came from. All anyone knew was that the boy loved Beanz. In fact they were his entire life. But as is often the way, one moment, or one woman, changed everything. And that is where this story starts. "

The Australian-made short film follows Geoff through important moments in his life, each one signified with beans. The campaign, created for Heinz Australia by Y&R New Zealand and Assembly Ltd, with music composed by Franklin Road, launches the four new can sizes that Heinz Australia is introducing into the market.

While it was challenging to basically rebrand the cans, the team was ready for the job. As Josh Moore, CEO/CCO, Y&R ANZ explained,

"Heinz Beanz is one of those classically iconic global products that only Don Draper and advertising school students get to work on. It's not the kind of brief that falls in your lap in the real world. But it did and so the Y&R and Assembly teams came together and delivered Geoff, a truly beautiful piece of work that's going to sell a hell of a lot of beans."

Geoff starts with the perfect can for one. Then, as he falls in love, he creates one or two, then finally a snack-sized one for the new members of his family. The film also serves to show the Australian public how and why the bean cans were renamed and rebranded.

There is a 3-minute short film for cinema and online, and individual shorter spots highlighting each of the new can sizes for TV, digital, and point of sale purchases. Tom Paine, ECD, Y&R NZ said,

"Launching an animated campaign which directly influences the real-world, on-shelf product is a unique, gratifying process. Hopefully the Australian public enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it."

To view the Geoff film and the other films created, check it out here.

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