The Pioneer Woman Magazine is Here and It's Your New Lifestyle Guide

There are so many reasons to love the Pioneer Woman, and now there is one more to add to the list. Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman herself, just released the first issue of her long-awaited magazine, aptly titled The Pioneer Woman Magazine.

As of today, June 6, and forward, you can stroll into your nearest local Walmart stores and pick up the glossy pages that hold the secrets to living the pioneer life. Just like her blog, Drummond tells USA Today that her new magazine serves as a slice of life incorporating easy family dinner recipes, home decor inspiration, personal stories, and fashion advice, including a buyer's guide for cowgirl boots.

The Pioneer Woman Empire

Since starting her blog 10 years ago in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Drummond has moved far beyond the blogsphere and into the publisher sphere. Over the last decade, she has entered the mainstream cooking world where she hosts one of the most popular cooking shows on the Food Network and has written several New York Times bestselling cookbooks. She even opened her general store, called The Mercantile (The Merc), which has some of the prettiest dang items we've seen in a brick-and-mortar store in years.

This magazine is the next logical extension to her food empire in a joint venture. In a statement, she explains her decision to partner with Hearst Magazines and Scripps Networks Interactive, the media company that owns Food Network for a print publication saying,

"I love using images to tell stories, demonstrate recipes, and share helpful tips, and I want to create a fun, positive, exciting experience for readers." 

Cooking Like the Pioneer Woman

Don't have time to pick up the magazine on your way home from work? Click here for 15 of her best comfort food recipes that you can use to console yourself as you wait for your chance to pick up the best print publication to grace Walmart shelves in a generation.

Otherwise, you can sign up to have information on each new issue delivered directly to you here.

Editor's Note:

As of June 24, the magazine will go back to press for a second round of printing. Find out more below.

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