Pinterest Predicts the Top 10 Food Trends for 2017

Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration when it comes to crafts, homemaking, DIY and food - the site's biggest topic by far - but it's also a great place to find out what will be trending next. Millions of new ideas make their way onto the platform daily, which means ideas are in no short supply.

It also means you can stay in the know with up-and-coming trends - like the top-10 food trends for 2017, according to Pinterest.

1. Jackfruit

This is happening ? Jackfruit feast with my wonderful friend Juliana @culinarydots ??

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This mammoth tree fruit, a member of the fig and mulberry family native to South Asia, is seen by many as a possible solution to hunger problems. A single tree can produce between 100 and 200 fruits in a single year, some weighing up to 100 pounds!

Its fiber-rich flesh has a light, tropical flavor - think somewhere between an apple, mango, pineapple and pear.

Jackfruit is also making major waves in the meatless world; when cooked, it takes on the consistency of pulled pork. Find a recipe on Pinterest.

2. Sous-Vide Cooking

Sous-vide - French for "under vacuum" - cooking is a method in which food to be cooked is sealed inside an air-tight plastic bag, then heated in a temperature-controlled water bath or steam environment.

It's a great way to cook meats and vegetables without losing any juices or flavor; if you're looking for a perfectly cooked cut of meat, it's time to learn sous-vide. Get started on Pinterest

3. Vegetable Chips

Potato chips are so 2016. In the new year, expect to expand your chip repertoire with different varieties of veggie chips.

Sweet potato, zucchini, squash, carrot, taro - the possibilities are just about endless. Find more ideas on Pinterest.

4. Hearty Grain Bowls

The "Buddha Bowl" trend is in full swing, and one need look no further than Pinterest for proof.

Made with raw or roasted vegetables, beans, protein (usually meatless) and, of course, loads of whole grains like rice, quinoa, farro or others, hearty grain bowls are what's next. Find recipes on Pinterest.

5. Octopus

Octopus is a surprisingly versatile ingredient, and one that Pinterest is planning to be big in 2017.

Grill it, sautee it, fry it - get cooking with ideas on Pinterest.

6. Sour Beer

They're certainly an acquired taste, but if Pinterest is any indication, we'll be developing a love for sour beers during 2017.

7. Empanadas

~ C O O K I N G T I ME ~ #cookingtime #empanadas #nyam #delicious #facetesdesconegudes #emsorprencadadia #noestamal

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Growing up in southern New Mexico, empanadas have never been a "trending" food for many, they're just a part of life. It seems the rest of the world has caught on to the secret of these delicious Spanish-inspired pastries.

Make them sweet or make them savory - just be sure you make them! Recipe ideas abound on Pinterest

8. Naan Pizza

We're having a build your own Naan Pizza Party over here! Who's in? ✌️️❤️️?#HelloNaan #pizzaparty #eeeeeats #instagood

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Italy meets Middle East in this easy, inspired way to cook up a quick pizza at home. This does have us asking what flatbreads are exactly, though.

Naan bread - a soft, fluffy disc of doughy goodness - makes the perfect base for your homemade pie. Start off with some trendy recipes on Pinterest


9. Sauerkraut

Between this and No. 6, Pinterest would lead one to believe 2017 will be something of a sour year!

Sauerkraut seems to be all the rage on Pinterest, with recipes of all kinds - even cocktails! - among the most popular pins. 

10. Olive Oil Alternatives

My new found gem, for both #diy projects and #stayhealthy #cooking ? #avocadooil #walnutoil #grapeseedoil #avocado

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If Pinterest is to be believed in predicting what's hot, 2017 will be grapeseed oil's year.

It's less expensive, has a lighter flavor, and has a higher smoke point, making it great for cooking. It also has loads of cosmetic benefits. Follow it on Pinterest here.

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