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Pink Pineapple Exists and Here's How to Find It


Listen, sometimes you have a color scheme for your fruit plate, and pink pineapple fits in perfectly. Yes, pink pineapple is a thing that exists, and it might be easier to get your hands on than you may think. It might even be in your local grocery store right now -- but it's probably easier to get the rare treat online, instead.

What Is Pink Pineapple?

Pink pineapple is simply a pineapple with flesh that's a pink color rather than yellow like traditional pineapple. "Grown in the South Central region of Costa Rica, these pretty pink creations (aka Pinkglow pineapples) taste different than regular pineapples," Taste of Home explains. They're also described as being "less sour" than expected and "juicier and sweeter" than the pineapple you might be used to that gives it a unique taste.

So, how do pink pineapples get their distinctive color? Fresh Del Monte, which produces the fruit, adds lycopene to make it grow with that specific pigment. The substance gives tomatoes their "hue," according to Delish.

Is Pink Pineapple Safe to Eat?

If you're at all concerned about the fruit being genetically modified, no worries: the FDA actually signed off on it being safe to consume back in 2016.


The agency determined the "variety of pineapple genetically engineered by Del Monte Fresh Produce" is "as safe and nutritious as its conventional counterparts" and that there are "no unresolved safety or regulatory questions" about the unique fruit.

So yes, this tropical fruit is not GMO-free thanks to bioengineering. it's safe to eat and the natural pigment of the pink flesh makes any pina-colada Insta-worthy.

Where Can I Get Pink Pineapple?

For starters, you can get the pinkglow pineapple variety via its website: Described as the "jewel of the jungle," the site promises buyers will "experience a taste of a remote paradise" when trying the intriguing produce.

However, it should be noted that these pineapples are only available in the United States in North America. And if you live in Hawaii, you're out of luck; the state does not allow any pineapple to be shipped in.


But there are other options, too. Some specific grocery retailers seem to have it, and it's been spotted in New York, according to Delish. Also, Petit Pinkglow pineapples are available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas.

Your best bet is probably to just get the cotton candy-colored pineapples online if all else fails. Are you willing to try the over-the-top fruit for yourself?