Pickle Doritos Exist, But You'll Need To Go On a Trip To Find Them

It looks like there's no end in sight when it comes to pickle-flavored items. Whether it's cotton candy, candy canes, ice cream sundaes, or even a whole jug of pickle juice, pickles are taking the grocery store by storm and it's not stopping anytime soon. In fact, the popular chip brand, Doritos, has been on the bandwagon for years with their version of pickle-flavored tortilla chips, and it's one chip you have to taste to believe.

Notably named, Doritos Intense Pickle Chips, this crispy snack is sure to win over the hearts of every dill pickle lover far and wide. According to the site, the chip claims to pack an "extreme crunch and explode-in-the-mouth flavor. Savour the tanginess of the intense pickle flavor in every bite." The only problem is these intense pickle Doritos are only available in one country, and it's not the United States. 

Pickle Doritos

You better pack on some coats because a bag of Doritos flavored like pickles is only available in the Great White North; our northern neighbors, Canada. However, if finding your way up to the land of poutine and maple syrup isn't on your itinerary just yet, you can always find a bag of the chips on Amazon.

Doritos Tortilla Chips, Intense Pickle, 255 Grams

These chips are sold through 3rd-party vendors, so there's a chance the chips could sometimes be out of stock. The best way to know when they are available is to add them to your "wish list" and Amazon will email you when they are back on the shelf.

If your pickle chip cravings can't wait, there is a solution. Pringles Extreme Screaming Dill Pickle Chips feature the crunch you love from Pringles and a dill flavor that's so bold and big that won't be able to help but scream. 

Pringles Extreme Screaming Dill Pickle Chips, 5.96 Ounce

So what are you waiting for?

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