Peel Back the Label's Fight Against Fear-Based Food Facts

Nutrition facts labels on food intimidate many people. We can't really blame them. How many carbohydrates are too many for one item? Would nine grams of protein be "enough" protein for me? What about for my child? On top of that, products now have started incorporating literal lists of what they're "not" and what they're free of. Gluten-free this and GMO-free that. This is all-natural, it's from the earth, and it comes from nature! What? That being said, we finally have a resource to help us sift through the haze that has covered our labels.

The project is called Peel Back the Label. Their mission? Go head-to-head with fear-based labelling. The concept is simple. Peel Back the Label feels, as many do, that companies are using fear to boost profit. Fear isn't something that should be driving commerce for purveyors of food and drink. Enough stigma surrounds human consumption, and there's no need to make us think water A is better than water B because water A is gluten-free.

All that said, Peel Back the Label aims to educate on a few things. They call out TruMoo, noting how the milk company states GMOs are safe on its own website. Then, on TruMoo chocolate milk labels, they note that the product is GMO-free. Weird, huh?

Peel Back the Label posts articles with some truly engaging topics for those interested in food. "Genetic Literacy Project: Study: Food Products from Livestock Raised on GMO Feed No Different Than Those Fed Conventional Grain" is one good example. We can't help bug giggle a little at "Quartz: 'Gluten-Free' Water Shows How Ridiculous Food Labeling Has Become," too.

The project was started by American dairy farmers and their families. For more info, you can head to Peel Back the Label's website and sign up to stay informed. Food shouldn't be about fear; it should be about feeling good.

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