A Peek Inside the KFC Remodel That Cost $2 Million

In the past year, KFC has been on a roll, redesigning and revamping some 400 restaurants around the country, about 10 percent of its U.S. stores. None of the stores saw a greater facelift than Marietta, Georgia's Big Chicken, which just underwent a $2 million facelift, CNBC reports.

With its 50-foot-tall, eye-rolling, beak-opening animatronic metal chicken, it's hard to miss The Big Chicken -- a major factor in making it one of KFC's most successful locations, and with its new overhaul, it's definitely worth a stop.


The original, steel big chicken dates to 1963, and has since stood as one of Marietta's major landmarks. During the update, KFC kept its rolling eyes and moving beak, and added a "voice" -- tune any radio to a special AM radio station, and the Big Chicken will dispense a few "deep thoughts" of its own.

The interior of the restaurant barely registers as a KFC, with warm, inviting LED lighting, some of which were designed to resemble the restaurant's classic red-and-white bucket.


One wall of the restaurant pays homage to the man who started it all, Colonel Harland Sanders, the "original celebrity chef."

Need a souvenir? This KFC is the only one in the nation with its very own line of merchandise including shot glasses, coffee mugs and more.


The Big Chicken also struck an exclusive deal with Yum Brands sibling Pepsi for a line of exclusive "craft" sodas, Stubborn Sodas, in unique flavors like Agave Vanilla Cream Soda, Classic Root Beer, Lemon Berry Acai, Black Cherry with Tarragon and Orange Hibiscus. Fancy!


Well, if you're a KFC connoisseur, you'll probably want to add this location on your summer road trip list. Can you believe the renovation only took 12 weeks?

The Big Chicken location is already recording sales numbers higher than the average before the remodel, so clearly people are loving this new fancy version of KFC with history woven throughout its design.

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