PayDay Announces New Texas Barbecue Candy Bar

Hershey's decided to finally give the good people of Texas what they want: Texas barbecue candy bars. Recently announced, the 'Flavors of America' collection from the company features six lucky states represented in six unique candy bar flavors. How were the states chosen? Well, the collection was chosen to represent the best of an American summer -- fitting, especially since it's already pushing 90 in Texas this (short-lived) spring.

Let's run through the list briefly. The first is Kit Kat Strawberry Flavored Candy, featuring crispy wafers and strawberry crème that is meant to invoke sweet, ripe Californian strawberry fields or the California Strawberry Festival.


In the mood to go way south for the summer? Maybe Hawaii's themed Hershey's Kisses Coconut Almond Flavored Candies will make you feel like you're sippin' a mai tai on a beach with lapping waves. You can almost smell the Coppertone from here, y'all.

Ready to go where the snowbirds go? Florida's Twizzler Key Lime Pie Flavored Twists or Twizzlers Orange Cream Pop Flavored Twists are for you because they'll remind you of fresh breezes in the morning as you squeeze fresh orange juice for the family. Both styles feature cream fillings for added sweetness.

Maybe you're craving a nice Reese's Honey Roasted Flavored Peanut Butter Cups featuring a balanced mix of sweet and salty peanut butter notes with hints of molasses, floral, and amber that all smell just like a sweet Savannah night in Georgia.

Or maybe you're heading north to New York for the summer to casually melt in the summertime when you step outside your tiny, hot apartment taste this delicious Hershey's Cherry Cheesecake Flavored Bars. The creamy, classic New York cheesecake meets the most beloved summertime stone fruit.

But why would you go anywhere when you already live in Texas? The PayDay BBQ Flavored Bars taste fresh off the grill with the boldly barbecue-seasoned peanuts coating a rich caramel center. You can almost hear the Topo Chico bubbles from here to wash it down with.

I don't know about you, but I think that Texas flavor sounds mighty nice. I'll stay put for awhile. You can find all of the options all stores across the country, no matter where you live.

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