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$125 Paula Deen Air Fryer Is Ready To Cook Everything You Can Think Of


Paula Deen is a southern chef with southern recipes. That fried-food-focused cuisine is not often associated with being health-conscious (which is good because the world needs comfort food). Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy The Bag Lady's recipes while keeping heart-healthy considerations: the top-rated Paula Deen Air Fryer.

This might sound sacrilegious, but you don't need a deep fryer to make crackling pork chops or crispy chicken wings. With air frying, your cooking options are endless. Fill your dinner table with all your dining desires (and less oil).

Top Rated Paula Deen Air Fryer Ovens

1. Paula Deen Air Fryer, 8.5QT (1700 Watt) Large Rapid Air Circulation System, Square Single Basket System, Ceramic Non-Stick Coating, Easy-to-Use Dial, 50 Family-Sized Air Fryer Recipes (Sea Glass)

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • $125.00 on Amazon
  • Manufacturer Warranty

Not going to lie y'all, it's hard to find a better way to cook your own french fries than this 8.5-quart air fryer. The $125 pricing makes this one of the best air fryer options on the market for its size.

This is not a digital air fryer, but using the appliance is super simple. An easy-to-use dial takes the place of any fancy touch screen so you can manually control the hot air and get the right cooking temperature. The stainless steel interior keeps heat even.

There are preset options for different foods (did you know you could air fry pizza?), including a reheat button. You may never use your toaster oven again. You'll be making the best air-fried recipes as soon as this thing comes out of the box.

Clean-up is easy thanks to the ceramic coated, dishwasher-safe cooking basket.

The only downside to this unit is that it's a bit lacking in versatility. It won't function as a dehydrator or rotisserie, and you can't do any grilling with it. If you need to dehydrate something (or you're looking for more of a power air fryer to take the load off your convection oven), consider these larger options.


2. Paula Deen 9.5 QT Air Fryer, (1700 Watt) Rapid Air Circulation System, Single Basket System, Ceramic Non-Stick Coating, Simple Knob Controls, 50 Recipes, 1-Year Warranty (Red)

An additional quart of cooking space means more room to cook wings and things (anyone want roast?). Like the top-rated 8.5-quart air fryer from Paula Deen, this one has a Rapid Air Circulation System to keep things cooking evenly and at the right temps. Feed the whole family with this one.

3. Paula Deen 13 QT Family-Sized Air Fryer Oven, (1700 Watt) XXXL Rapid Air Circulation System, Air Fry, Rotisserie, Dehydrate, Bake, Interior Light, LED Display, Touch Controls, 50 Recipes

Not only does this unit raise the space by another 4.5 quarts from our favorite size fryer-- it also serves a few more purposes. With this XXXL model, you can cook rotisserie chickens or dehydrated garden veggies, jerkies, and much more. The smaller 8.5 quarts Paula Deen Air Fryer might win the popularity contest, but this larger version is a kitchen workhorse.

Whatever option you choose, Paula Deen's Air Fryer is sure to be your new favorite kitchen appliance. Purchase one from Amazon today, and get to cooking!


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