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Patti LaBelle Hilariously Checks Rude Chef on The Tyra Banks Show


Patti LaBelle, hailed as "the Grandmother of Soul," is beloved by fans for her incredible voice and no-nonsense attitude. Right up there with Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, LaBelle is a legend of R&B and soul. When the talented singer-songwriter made an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show, her sassiness was on full display.

Patti LaBelle is considered by many to have the persona of a tough but loving mother figure, along with being known for her hilarious facial expressions that show exactly how she feels in any given moment. This moment on Tyra Bank's tv show is no different!

A Hilarious Patti LaBelle Moment

In the clip, Tyra Banks is hosting "Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillien on her talk show, who is giving a presentation of her cupcakes. Patti LaBelle picks up one of the cupcakes, saying "this has paper on it," to which the chef responds in a condescending tone, "yea, you can't eat the paper."

As the chef continues to explain the process and ingredients of her cupcakes, which include cake mix and hot cocoa powder, LaBelle rolls her eyes, communicating just how she feels about being shut down so rudely. The audience members erupt into laughter, which the chef attempts to ignore as she continues her cupcake spiel.

Eventually, Tyra Banks brings the attention back to LaBelle, asking "what is Patti sayin over there?" LaBelle finally has her say, exclaiming to the chef "what makes you think I think I could eat the paper, boo?!" The chef laughs and reiterates that you indeed cannot eat the paper, adding "paper bad, cake good."

Here's the amazing YouTube clip where Patti LaBelle checks rude chef on Tyra Show!

The Famous Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle has been a presence in the music industry and social media throughout all of her life. The talented singer has won multiple Grammy Awards, along with a slew of other impressive awards such as Emmy nominations and American Music Awards.

She also unexpectedly went viral in 2015 for her sweet potato pie, which she talks about on the podcast "Homemade." Then, just last year, the singer was trending on twitter for being linked to a strange moment of political drama.

However, despite these other claims to fame, her outspoken personality and willingness to throw shade is still one of Patti LaBelle's best attributes. Saturday Night Live even did a shoutout to this hilarious Patti Labelle-Tyra Banks Show moment, doing an SNL skit that rehashes this unforgettable moment on The Tyra Show.

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