12 Super Bowl Party Things Under $20 That You Need, Plain and Simple

Are you throwing this year's unofficial Super Bowl party? Whether you've been promoted the designated host or you signed up for the job, you're going to need a lot of things to pull off the perfect Super Bowl Party. By things, we mean alcohol and bacon-covered snacks. But you also need vessels to serve those things.

Thankfully both the Patriots and the Falcons share the color red, so you can have some food stuffs that pull double duty. Here are 12 Super Bowl-worthy items.

1. For that famous queso,


You know what's gross? Cold dip that was once warm. Prevent that from happening with this lil' 1.5-quart slow cooker that's the perfect size for queso.

Find it for under $15 here.

2. For the klutzes,


Everyone can laugh at you all they want when they see these shatterproof wine glasses, but you'll be the one laughing when they drop their glass after a big play.

Find the set of four for under $15 here.

3. For the shots,


Do you have that one friend who makes everyone take a shot for each touchdown? We know you do - so serve the shots in these mason jar shooter glasses.

Find the set of eight for under $15 here.

4. For the cheese,


I'm not saying you will always use this football-shaped bamboo cheese board, but I am saying that it will always make you giggle.

Find the board for under $20 here.

5. For the former players,


No one knows how bad the refs are quite like the former players. Give 'em something to take their anger out on with these inflatable punch bags.

Find it here for under $10.

6. For the double dipper,


These Lodge 3.5-inch cast iron skillets are the perfect size to make just enough dip recipes to satisfy everyone's craving.

For under $5 per skillet, grab four and know they'll seriously last a lifetime. Find it here.

7. For the kids at heart,


Let some of your friends relive their glory days but surprising them with this blow-up football game. They can throw the ball in the house when it's Super Bowl Sunday.

Find the game for less than $10 here.

8. For the host,


Oh, I'm sorry to offend, but did you really think Poo-Pourri wasn't a necessity when throwing a Super Bowl Party?

This stuff works, y'all. Find the set of two for less than $17 here.

9. For the competitive types,


When there's not room for beer pong, but you still know two people who will be trying to set up a game, this mini set is the perfect compromise.

Find the portable game for under $17 here.

10. For the Patriots fans,


If you're making some cupcakes for the game, expect there to be divisions. Direct your attendees to their team of choice with these cupcake topper rings. Don't act like you haven't considered them before.

Find the pack of 24 for under $10 here.

11. For the Falcons fans,


Atlanta Falcons fans have an awful lot to celebrate, so maybe make a few more cupcakes topped with these helmet toppers than you normally would.

Find the 12-pack of toppers for under $8 here.

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