Papa John's Just Authorized a Voluntary Hangry Tax

Do you ever get so hungry that you've said that you would literally pay if only the food would arrive faster? Well, now you can. Papa John's has decided to cash in on their customers' impatience. Currently, the chain is testing a "Papa Priority" fee that lets people pay $2.99 to get their pizza faster, the Associated Press reports.

Although this feature will not guarantee your delivery within a set time, it will bump your order to the front of the pizza baking line. Don't get greedy though! There is a limit to five per night per store.

Program Copycat?

The Associated Press compares this restructuring of delivery to airlines who offer priority seating for a fee. Eater poses another good argument saying that this system is "reminiscent of delivery apps such as Postmates that profit off hungry customers' willingness to pay more by implementing surge pricing during particularly busy times." However you choose to compare it, this special treatment is going to cost you.

At the moment, this option is only offered in select locations. However, Papa John's told AP that thus far, the program has received "great customer reception."

So get ready for extra fast pizza delivery.

It may be that this program becomes difference between you actually waiting for your pizza to be delivered to eat and you snacking while you wait for that knock on your door.

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