The Hilarious Essay on Papa John's That Landed a Yale Acceptance Letter

For some people, pizza is simply a meal. For others, it is passion. Take Carolina Williams from Brentwood, Tennessee, for example. Her love of pizza turned into an essay that played a huge part into her acceptance to Yale University.

We've all done it before. Ordered pizza, seen the delivery estimate, and proceed to check the clock every minute or so to see how much closer we were to roof-of-the-mouth burning goodness. Williams wrote a college essay about the experience and it was so good, Yale said yes.

Part of the Yale University application process is to write a 200-word essay about something you love to do. For Carolina, that's ordering pizza.

Here's a silly selection from her essay that shows just how her love of pizza turned into an acceptance.

When the delivery person rings my doorbell, I instantly morph into one of Pavlov's dogs, salivating to the sound that signals the arrival of cheesy, circular glory. It smells like celebration, as I love to rejoice a happy occasion by calling Papa John's for my favorite food."

The application counselor at Yale loved her essay so much, she wrote Carolina a personal note saying that "as a fellow lover of pizza, I laughed out loud (then ordered pizza)" after reading her application. Papa John's got in on the fun, too.

They sent Carolina a boatload of pizza swag, a congrats letter and the offer of free pizza for a year.

It seems that Williams has decided on a college closer to home, and her local Papa John's, instead of accepting Yale's offer. And we're pretty sure she celebrated the occasion with pizza.


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