Pacifico Cans Are Getting a Retro Summer Makeover

Pacifico is a getting a makeover, and it's coming in the form of cans. The newly custom designed cans are set for a summer release in hopes to appeal to the younger crowd. Brightly yellow colored cans sporting pink and green hued surfboards are replacing the classic yellow-logo.

With the new hip logo, Pacifico is trying to market itself as the beach-goers surfer beer.

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The Mexican lager is already associated with the ocean, but in a more classic way. The current logo features a life preserve with an ocean mountain scene behind an anchor.

In an attempt to appeal to the twenties and thirties crowd, Pacifico seems to be taking note from craft beer cans and modeling its new line to break the mold of classic big beer logos.

Designed by Jennifer Mulvihill, the 80s retro bold colors is somewhat akin to the Endless Summer poster with a mix of an Evil Twin label.

Using a popping color palette to draw in a crowd, the bright geometric patterns are certainly eye catching. The new summer sun vibe mixed with the light flavor we all know and love most definitely screams beach beer.

The question is, however, will the re-branding change the younger crowd's view on the Mexican lager.

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