Our Favorite Emoji Suggestions for 2018

Do you remember how elated you were when the avocado emoji came out? What about the burrito emoji? Pretty sweet, huh? We'd all be silly to think that emojis will not continue to evolve. For all we know, there could be a candy corn emoji coming. In fact, when Unicode 11.0 comes out in June of 2018, more emojis could very well be on the way.

Unicode, a computing industry standard of sorts, allows certain emojis to appear on both Apple and Android platforms. The proposed set of emojis for next year's update is expansive, but here are our favorite emoji suggestions for 2018.

Wing night is a popular themed evening across a wide array of restaurants. Now, once you've cleaned your wings down to the bone, you may be able to use a plain bone emoji. If you get indigestion from those wings, you could also use the "frowning pile of poo" emoji, eloquently described on Unicode's list of suggestions.

Oh, and if you really wanted to get graphic, you could potentially use the roll of toilet paper emoji they've suggested, too.

We can currently use the eggplant as much as we want, but we can't really season it. That may change with Unicode 11.0; a salt shaker is on the list of proposed items.

There's also a sliced bagel, and we can't believe we hadn't noticed the lack of bagel thus far. Inserting a coffee emoji and a bagel emoji may be the new way to ask someone out for breakfast this time next year.

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Some other proposed emojis that food fans could love are the cupcake, leafy greens, and a mango. There's also a moon cake that we don't really understand.

It's a Chinese cake that often includes ingredients like salted duck eggs and red bean paste. We're not sure how well that emoji (nor the actual cake) would play in the United States.

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