Organize Your Kitchen (And Life) This Year with These 12 Helpful Items

The turn of the year has happened yet again, and your house is likely showing ruminants of 2016 all over the place. From the shoes piled up by the front door to that overwhelming excuse of a pantry - you and your household could use some 2017 pick-me-ups.

It's hard enough to remain organized and oh so clean without the essentials, and how can you possibly go into a new year with a clear mind when your house is in a tizzy?

The thing about some essentials is that when a new year comes, it's out with the old and in with literally anything else. Though all your gifts from the holidays and new toys may be scattered throughout the house now, soon you'll be a savvy, organized human being with a house full of knicks-knacks and everything in between to show for it.

1. Invest in a Personalized Calendar


Where's the main source of action in your home? Chances are, it's centered largely around the kitchen area, so why not have a weekly calendar on the fridge for all to see what tasks are ahead in the week, and what's for dinner that night.

Find the calendar here.

2. Invest in an Electric Can Opener


Trust us, this will save you so much time and help de-clutter that appliance drawer you have. Plus, how cool are they?

Get yours here.

3. Update Your Address Book


By update it, we mean invest in a new physical address book, or take it mobile and do it through your phone or computer. This will not only help you de-clutter your office space, it'll subsequently help de-clutter your mind.

Get your address book here.

4.  Steam Your Own Clothes


Why spend unnecessary amounts of money and time getting your clothes dry-cleaned and pressed when you can do it on your own for the same quality?

Invest in your own personal steamer and take your clothes organization into your own hands without the unneeded metal hangers.

Find the model here.

5. Upgrade Your Laundry Hampers


Throughout the year, you've probably dragged your basket or hamper up and down the stairs to do laundry. Chances are they're looking a little worn and beat out of shape.

Do yourself a solid and invest in a newer (and better quality) hamper that's both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. Get yours here.

6. Invest in Storage Bins


These containers can come in handy in your fridge, pantry, or even kitchen cabinets for organization of spices and like condiments.

Find a set of three here.

7. Utilize Coasters


These are the one thing you probably forget to grab at the store, but are more useful than not every time you're at home.

Do yourself a favor and grab some modern ones to spruce up your space, like these.

8. Revamp your Spice Cabinet


Go through your cabinet and smell-test everything. Chances are you'll find a lot of stale and motionless spices that need to be thrown out and replaced.

Also, do a little organizing with these spice stands to de-clutter the mess that's typically in everyone's spice cabinets. Find the racks here.

9. Purchase New Hangers


Are you sick of your hangers causing unwarranted creases and folds to your clothes by simply hanging there? Rearrange your closet space by abolishing the hangers of the past and investing in ones that are no slip and damage free.

Get yours here.

10. Organize Your Finances


Get your money in order and taxes ready to send out with ease by purchasing Quicken, a finance software that makes doing taxed and budgeting easy. This available for both Windows and Mac.

Get yours here.

11. Upgrade Your Spritzing Method


Because drizzling this stuff gets messy, and too much olive oil is never a good thing. Plus, why waste something so vital to your everyday cooking? This will save you oil and a mess.

Get yours here.

12. Invest in an Always Functional Wine Bottle Opener


This might have a little less to do with organization and a little more to do with keeping sanity while trying to open a bottle of wine with a less than average opener.

These rabbit openers are easy to use, and easy to uncork after opening. What's better than that? Get yours here.

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