Oreo O's Return to the Cereal Aisle After 10 Long, Dark Years

It's been 10 long, dark, hungry years since the last box of Oreo O's was sold at an American supermarket. But a decade after Oreo O's was discontinued in 2007, the beloved Oreo-flavored chocolate cereal is making a comeback. Oreo O's cereal first appeared on breakfast tables in 1998, much to the dismay of dentists everywhere.

The children's cereal was the creation of Post Cereals, the masterminds behind Raisin Bran, Fruity Pebbles, and Honey Bunches of Oats. Oreo O's consisted of miniature O shapes that tasted like--you guessed it--Oreo cookies. In 2001, the cereal got a makeover and came back with real creme coating.

The beauty behind Oreo O's was that you could basically have cookies for breakfast and have it be totally socially acceptable. As Post described it, "It's the stuff breakfast dreams are made of!" 

Tragically, the cereal was discontinued in 2007 in the U.S. and everywhere else (with the interesting exception of South Korea), breaking the hearts of Oreo fans the world over. For a dismal decade, the only way to get your hands on a box of Oreo O's was to get into bidding wars on eBay or make your pen pal in South Korea ship you a box.

Well, cry no more, Oreo O-ficionados (see what we did there?), for the prodigal cereal has returned. Beginning on June 23, you can purchase Oreo O's--but only at Walmart. The mighty big-box chain who boasts exclusive rights to the cereal for three months, after which the cereal will spread to other stores.

To prepare for the big day, clear a space in your pantry and look up your nearest Walmart using the handy Oreo O's Store Locator. As the blessed days draws nearer, work up a nostalgic appetite with this throwback Oreo O's commercial from the 90's:

We'll see you in the cereal aisle!

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