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Here Are All The New Oreo Flavors Coming Out This Year


Gone are the days that the most outrageous flavor of an Oreo cookie was double stuf. This year the cookie brand is on track to release 11 different cookies, and it looks like they still have some cookies hidden up their sleeves. So grab a glass of milk (or two) and dunk into these new Oreo flavors of 2019.

All New Oreo Flavors of 2019

Carrot Cake Oreos

Released: January 2019

Love the taste of carrot cake but can't find a reason to bake an entire cake? Try dipping this carrot cake-inspired cookie in some milk and be amazed at how much it tastes like the real thing, cream cheese icing and all. Like golden Oreos cookies, these cookies are chocolate-free.

Dark Chocolate Oreos

Released: January 2019


Don't worry about these cookies running out of your life, new dark chocolate Oreos are here to stay as a permanent flavor. These chocolate cookies are perfect with (you guessed it) a glass of cold milk.

Limited Edition Love Oreos

Released: January 2019.

These chocolate Oreo cookies are stuffed with a sweet and tangy creme compared to a raspberry Pez candy.

Limited Edition The Most Stuf Oreos

Released: January 2019


If you absolutely love the creme filling of Oreo cookies, this new limited edition flavor has your name on it. One most stuf cookie approximately equals 3 normal Oreos. Whoa.

Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreos 

Released: February 2019

Egg-shaped and filled with a purple creme, these sandwich cookies are the cutest way to celebrate Easter.

Game of Thrones Oreos

Released: April 2019


While these limited-edition cookies don't contain a brand new flavor, they do bring some fun to your GoT viewing parties. The four designs include a dragon for Targaryens, a wolf for the Starks, a lion for the Lannisters, and a White Walker. 

S'Mores Oreos

Released: May 2019

This summer classic is back! Made with a graham-cracker cookie and stuffed with a marshmallow and chocolate creme, all you need is a campfire to eat these around.

Maple Creme Oreos

Released: August 2019


Take a trip up to the border with these Maple Creme Oreos in late August. The golden Oreo features a maple flavor creme.

Latte Creme Oreo Thins

Released May 2019

If you love dunking your cookies in coffee, this limited-time flavor is just for you! These cookies are 140 calories for four, making it guilt-free.

Marshmallow Moon Oreos

Released June 2019


In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Nabisco is releasing Marshmallow Moon Oreos which are filled with a purple creme. The chocolate wafers will feature three space-themed designs as well.

Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos

Released July 2019

Baskin-Robbins and Nabisco are teaming up to bring ice cream and cookie lovers a summer cookie worth melting over. Each cookie is stuffed with mint and chocolate cremes mixed with chocolate chips.

Buttered Popcorn Oreos

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A very Happy National Oreo Day to each and every one of you! Why do we celebrate today? Because on this date 527 years ago, Christopher Columbus discovered Oreos while searching for a direct water route between Europe and Asia, and the world would never be the same. ? The population of Oreos has evolved like crazy through the years and will grow by one this summer with new Buttered Popcorn Oreos. Because I?m a little bit cooler than you are, I scored an advanced copy and let me just say that fans of the divisive buttered popcorn Jelly Belly should have a field day with this one. It?s far from my Top 10, but they?re actually not as bad as I expected. I?ll provide a full review when they officially launch and the rest of you peasants get to try them, but for now... go stuff with your face with Oreos because Oreo calories absolutely do not count on National Oreo Day.

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Set to Release: 2019


Junkbanter, the popular junk food Instagram, shared that this summer people can expect to be nibbling on buttered popcorn Oreos. There's still no details as to when, but you'll be the first people we let know.

Mystery Oreo Flavor

Released: September 2019

Mystery Oreos are back and we have no idea what it is! Some say it tastes like egg nog, other's swear it's buttered popcorn. Guess the right flavor and you'll get a chance to win $50,000 through the Oreo website. 

Peppermint Bark Oreos

Set to Release: October 2019


Chocolate and peppermint go so well together! Coming back this year, limited edition Peppermint Bark Oreos brings a burst of holiday cheer. Will this be the last of new oreo flavors 2019? Time will tell!

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