One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap For Budweiser, On Mars That Is

When you've dominated the beer market, became a Super Bowl commercial classic - as well as drinking staple - and have become the iconic brew associated with America, where do you go next? You brew beer on Mars, of course. Men aren't from Mars, but some will wish that they were once Budweiser gets a hold of it.

Announcing their desire to be the first to brew beer on Mars, a panel during the popular music festival South by Southwest announced Budweiser's desire to turn that dream into a reality.

According to VinePair, the panel consisted of "astronaut Clayton Anderson, vice president of Budweiser Ricardo Marques, and Anheuser-Busch vice president of marketing innovation Val Toothman." The big names in the game, the Red Planet beer most certainly is no joke to the AB InBev subsidiary.

While the desire to brew may come with the need for innovation, the desire to be the first is probably the leading goal. When discussing the desire to be the first on Mars, The Space Reporter announced Valerie Toothman's comment,

"We know that travel to Mars might still be a decade or two away, but this is the first step in the journey in a long-term commitment by the company to make sure that when we get there and we achieve that American dream, Budweiser is the beer people will be toasting with and will be enjoying there on Mars."

And it won't come without obstacles. Take gravity for instance. The first Budweiser to be brewed on Mars would be considered a "microgravity beer" because it would literally define the laws of gravity.

Any brewer could imagine the struggle in tow that would come at brewing a beer and taking a gravity reading in space. Let alone drinking a beer from a can. The ability, however, for Budweiser to be brewed on Mars remains to be seen.

Capital wise, if one company could afford brewing in space, it would be the makers of Budweiser. Anheuser-Busch InBev is one of the top brewing company in the United States.

That alone is enough street cred - and money - to place them in top ranks when it comes to being launched into space for a brewing expedition. While the announcement is only mere desire and speculation of future events at this point, anything is possible.

Brewing on Mars, however, is not the first desired attempt at a space brewing expedition. It was announced earlier this year that a group of students from San Diego State University were competing in the Lab2Moon competition in order to brew beer on the moon.

By understanding how yeast acts in space, the group claims that their brewing experiment could unlock clues to understanding how to build sustainable life on the moon.

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While each group is targeting a different astronomical body and goal, it remains to be seen who will accomplish their goal first.

Although Budweiser may dominate the earthly beer market, the students from SDSU would have Google on their side - and that's hard to beat. Either way, the prospect of brewing in outer space is an exciting revelation - at least for beer drinkers.

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