One of the 'Property Brothers' Proposed with Epic Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cake

The "Property Brothers," as they're known on HGTV, are twin brothers that love to have fun. Whether it's poking fun at each other or playing pain-inducing pranks, they spice up each and every episode with new, wacky antics.

What could be another mundane real estate reality show is, in reality, something entirely unique. Thus, when we heard that one of the "Property Brothers" proposed with an epic Dr. Seuss-inspired cake, we weren't surprised in the least.

Drew proposed to his girlfriend Linda Phan with a four-tier Seuss-inspired cake. The theme of the cake was a beloved Seuss classic, Oh The Places You'll Go.

Two solid-colored, large bottom tiers support two pastel-striped upper tiers to create a cake unlike any you've seen before. When we first saw it, we decided that the first place we'd go would be the store for some (you guessed it) cake.


The character on the top of the top tier acted as the ring-bearer for the proposal. As far as rings go, this one was as unique as the "Property Brothers" themselves. It, like the cake, was specially designed but, fortunately for Phan, it wasn't quite as edible.

According to Delish, Drew "worked with Le Dolci Bake Shop in Toronto to design the cake, which featured layers of Belgian chocolate cake frosted in salted caramel Swiss meringue. The whole thing was covered in fondant and edible ink, so the bakery could make the towering dessert match every last detail of the book, from the Seussian font to the shading on the balloons."

The whimsical proposal was carried out with the exact attention to detail and pizzazz you'd expect from one of the Scott brothers. While food-lovers may be swooning after seeing Drew's proposal, we're all anxious to see if and how Jonathan will drop the question. We're hoping that dessert will be involved for that one, too.

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