Texas Restaurant Goes Beyond 50 Best to Land on Bon Appetit's Top 10 New Restaurants List

There's no surprise that Austin's culinary scene is one to e reckoned with. From tacos galore to sweet treats with a twist, there's no lack of mass culinary ingenuity in this city. Though it's no New York City or Los Angeles, that doesn't mean there isn't a vivacious blend of personalities and ventures taking place on the daily.

For the foodie world, there are many hidden gems that locals wouldn't dare to tell you about. Hey, can you blame them? They're local for a reason. However, when there's up-and-coming restaurants, there's nothing a single soul can do to stop the flow of information from hitting the larger markets.

Think Bon Appetit, for instance. This site is widely known and highly credited in the eyes of readers and editors alike, and they just so happen to have found a new gem in this growing city. Not only did they find out about it, but they're putting it on blast; a top-10-restaurant-in-the-country kind of blast.

We have to admit; we don't hate it. What's the restaurant? Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, which landed in the eighth spot on their America's Best New Restaurants 2017 list.

What does it take to win over an expansive crowd of BBQ and ramen lovers? By mixing the two, of course! Thats exactly what they're up to at Kemuri Tatsu-Ya. This place combines the vibe of an old Japanese pub with that of a smoked out Texas BBQ joint; making for a party unlike one you've ever encountered.

It's not just about the food here, either. Everyone knows the food at a restaurant is just as, if not less, important than that of their drink selection. Oh boy, does Kemuri deliver on the drink frontier.

You can have your pick at the traditional classic of a saké bomb, or step it up a notch and try some Nikka Whiskey on the rocks, or even experiment with one of their Puff Puff Pass cocktails that are, as one could only hope, served in a ceramic blowfish.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy a culinary masterpiece of blended flavors, alongside a unique and vivacious drink menu and atmosphere, then Kemuri Tatsu-Ya is the perfect place for you.

Check out the full list of rankings below.

10. Brewery Bhavana; Raleigh, North Carolina

9. Nixta; St. Louis, Missouri

8. Kemuri Tatsu-Ya; Austin, Texas

7. Spring; Marietta, Georgia

6. Giant; Chicago, Illinois

5. Hart's; Brooklyn, New York

4. Palizzi; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. Mister Jui's; San Francisco, California

2. Elske; Chicago, Illinois

1. Turkey and the Wolf; New Orleans, Louisiana

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