Olive Garden Brings Back Pasta Passes, Offering Trip to Italy

Olive Garden is selling their annual Pasta Pass again, and this time, it includes an all expense paid trip to Italy. As if never ending breadsticks weren't enough, every year, Olive Garden gifts pasta lovers a two-month long celebration of pasta. For $100, fans can purchase a pass that gets you all of the pasta you want every day of the promotion.

This year, it runs from September 25 to November 19. In addition to an extra week of pasta, they are also selling a Pasta Passport to Italy which is a pasta lover's dream come true. For $200, you still get to stuff your face full of fettuccine Alfredo, only you will be thinking about what to pack because you also get to go on the trip of a lifetime.

Olive Garden

The totally white-glove travel experience takes place from April 7 to April 14, and the package includes everything : airfare, ground transportation, meals, activities, wine and more for two adults! That's right, you get to bring a friend. There are only 50 pasta passports being sold, though, so you've got to act fast if you want one.

As Jennifer Arguello, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Olive Garden,

"Every year, through our Pasta Pass sale, we get to connect with and delight thousands of our most passionate Olive Garden fans. We couldn't think of a better way to create even more memories and a deeper connection to our brand than through a special edition Pasta Pass that includes an all - inclusive trip for two to the country that inspires us."

The site goes live on Thursday, September 14 at 2:00PM EST and lasts just 30 minutes or until all 50 Pasta Passports to Italy and 22,000 Pasta Passes are sold out. Pasta lovers can create over 100 different pasta/sauce/toppings combinations during Pasta Pass, including one with the restaurant's new creamy mushroom sauce.

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