17 People Reveal Their Weirdest Food Habits and You'll Feel Better About Yours

We've talked about odd food habits in the past. Whether you're a fan of chugging pickle juice to ease muscle cramps or you stick peanuts in Coca-Cola, sometimes the way you prefer to eat something isn't the normal way to eat it. And who says what's normal, anyways? Well, there are some things that are standard. Like not eating the outside of a lemon. But what about the bizarre ways people eat food?

When we came across this Reddit thread from about a year ago, we really couldn't believe some of the things people eat, and how they eat them. Do you do any of these things, too? If you do, let us know in the comments!

The Question

What food do you eat differently than other people? from AskReddit

And what did people have to say? Get ready.

1. When life gives you lemons.

2. Cinnamon rolls! Chili?

3. That's just cruel to bananas.

4. The snake way.

5. Kiwi, skin and all!

6. Tooth freeze?

7. This is dedication.

8. Pop-Tarts, with skill.

9. The burrito autopsy.

10. Those poor sandwiches.

11. Colombian hot chocolate sounds like our new favorite.

12. Tweezers, for oranges?

13. This makes us uncomfortable.

14. Well played, well played.

15. There's a salad fingers joke here, we know it.

16. Jam and eggs?

17. Raw ramen. No words.

How many of these just freak you out? We can name a few, but hey, don't knock anything until you try it, right?

Watch: Peanuts in Coca-Cola?

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