Early Reviews of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee Are Here

The best part of waking up is ...  Jack Daniel's in your cup? We all know that coffee is the reason to get out of bed in the morning, but the verdict is still out if whisky flavored coffee is a better motivator or not. Last month, Jack Daniel's decided to tackle this question head on.

In a press release from late December, which can be detailed here, Jack Daniel's announced their new venture into the world of caffeine.

The 150-year-old whisky distillery is blazing new beverage paths in partnership with World of Coffee.

Their new drink of choice is made from 100 percent Arabica beans and infused with Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. 

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The president/owner of World of Coffee, Charlie Newman, explained the simple symbiotic nature of the relationship saying, "We use the best tasting and highest quality coffees in the world and now add to that the authentic taste and aroma of Jack Daniel's. We take a lot of care and pride in the coffee products we craft and Jack Daniel's Coffee is no exception."

No, this is not the same flavor-infused coffee that you remember from several years ago. Huffington Post inquired as to whether or not this was a rebranding of the Jack Daniel's coffee that was available on shelves awhile back, and they were told by a spokesperson that, "There was a line of Jack Daniel's Coffees that incorporated Jack Daniel's flavoring into the grounds, rather than actual Tennessee whiskey. That product was discontinued in 2011."

Now, before you get too excited about this product, remember it's alcohol-free and not available everywhere. The only place you can sample and pick up your very own bag is at the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Otherwise you are going to have to order online. 

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Is it worth trying? There are mixed reviews on the subject. Reader of the Huffington Post weighed in saying:

The Good

"It had a very pleasant cocoa powder smell."  

"When the cold coffee lingered on the tongue I could taste some whiskey-ish notes. Mostly it tasted like Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla." 

The Bad

Others, however, expressed their distaste saying, "It was actually horrifying. I couldn't believe how sick-y sweet it smelled. I also don't like the smell of whiskey, so maybe that's it?" 

So, whether or not this new product is for you seems to be a decision that each person needs to make individually after trying a mug.


Wore comes to worse, just splash a thimble of No.7 whiskey in this mug and you're sure to enjoy it.

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