How Not to Drink a Beer: 12 Ways That Make You Look Ridiculous

How many of you spent your college years drinking beer Animal House style? Chugging, keg stands, and shotgunning are not only acceptable methods of crushing beer, but they are a required skill amongst your peers.  However, once you pass the age of 22, you look a little ridiculous counting seconds while your friends hold you up by your legs. Unless of course you're Will Ferrell in Old School, because that man can do anything.

Here to prove the point, BuzzFeed has introduced the 12 Dumb Ways to Drink Beer. And boy, are they dumb.

Although, you've got to had it to them young whipper snappers because they've come up with some crafty methods us uncool old folks haven't thought of. The Snorkel, The Detonator, and even an It's Always Sunny inspired Smash em' Up demonstrate the creativity it takes to do something other than simply crack and sip.

For those of you who are now inspired to relive your youth, each demonstration comes with step-by step-directions. Take a look:

Come on guys, lets get a little classy with our beers. Don't shower with it, be a grown up and drink it in the shower instead.

Okay, so I guess the Victory Lane is acceptable, but only if you just won the World Series. The Gargoyle though, that's my favorite.

Please though, don't attempt these at home. Even if you're drinking O'Douls like this guy, someone is bound to poke an eye out. Or get beer in the eye to say the least.

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