New Mexico Son Stole Pot of Mom's Famous Posole

Don't let Breaking Bad fool you, for New Mexicans, there's nothing more addictive than a warm, spicy bowl of homemade posole, a traditional stew made with hominy, pork and plenty of chile. Just ask Jonathan Carlos Ray, the Albuquerque man who was arrested and charged in 2015 for the theft of a pot of his mother's posole.

Well, luckily for Ray, he won't see any further problems; as the Las Cruces Sun-News reports, a New Mexico district judge dismissed the charge of residential burglary against him last week.

According to the original criminal complaint, Ray contacted his mother via text to ask for some of her posole. She denied him and, upon returning home, discovered a broken gate and a pot of the delicious stew missing.

She promptly called the police and her 23-year-old son was charged with residential burglary. Could the reason for her denial be that the posole was actually for a holiday dinner?

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