Devils River Bourbon Whiskey, the Texas-Bred Drink of Cowboys, to Hit Shelves Soon

The Texas Distilled Spirits Association will release a whiskey named for one of the Lone Star State's wildest waterways, the southwestern Devils River. Devils River Bourbon Whiskey, a 90-proof, small-batch bourbon made with corn and rye, is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in charred oak barrels, resulting in what the distillers call "sweet yet bold" with flavors of oak, honey and caramel.

Part of the whiskey's claim to fame is the water with which it's made. Given the remote location and unforgiven terrain around Devils River, its waters are some of the most pristine in Texas as its purely limestone-filtered naturally in the hills. 

Mike Cameron is the genius behind the production, and the Devils River Whiskey story, from their website, harkens back to its wild roots.

The famous Texas Ranger, John Coffee Hays, named these primal, pristine waters in 1840. Since then, the river remains virtually unchanged. Its pure, unspoiled waters are protected by the inaccessbility of the surrounding Texas terrain.

Fed by powerful freshwater springs tumbled over the limestone rugged ridges, the region provides the purest water required for crafting the perfect Texas whiskey.

So far, things are looking good for the brand.

Devils River Bourbon Whiskey just took the gold medal at the recent Denver International Spirits Competition. You can find Devils River Bourbon Whiskey in stores this month for only $29.99.

If that doesn't sound like your drink, however, you can always opt for a Hillary Clinton-inspired rye instead.

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